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ACL 600 X 1750 X 1 Roll

: Unimac
SKU Code : ACL600-1750-1Roll

Chest Heated Ironers - ACL 600 X 1750 X 1 Roll

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Features and Benefits


•  Single piece super flexible laser welding chest have 180-206° wrap up contact to rolls

•  Self-adjusted chest applies pressure always equally over entire width and length of the roll. To make linen being ironed equal quality.

•  Heated by circulated thermal oil moving in the chest. It makes the temperature even along full chest width. No trouble of overheated spots.

•  Self-contained thermal oil heating and circulation system offers accurate temperature control, easy installation and start up

•  Steam heated by steam injection directly into the chest


•  Rear return to connect folder when necessary

•  Front and rear return optional to be flexible to suit the laundry flow


•  Perforated steel roll with under springing and polyester felt 800 gr/m² padding

•  Suction through the roll to ventilate moisture

•  Fully enclosed planetary gearbox mounted directly onto the roll

•  Variable speed by frequency inverter drive


•  Simple readout control to set temperature and speed manually

•  Optional PLC touch screen with 50 programs. Speed regulation and modulating bunner included.


•  Unique high ventilation chest for 25% higher output (not for steam heating)

•  Higher ironing speed

•  Longer feeding table

•  Foot pedal

•  M-Aramid padding

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