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Unimac Sheet Folders

: Unimac
SKU Code : Sheet Folders with Drop Stacker

Unimac Sheet Folders

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Features and Benefits

•  The best solution for bed sheets, duvets, tablecloths and large sheets

•  High speed folder with single lane sheets making 2 lateral folds combined with 3 cross folds and stacking by a drop stacker

•  It saves labor for higher productivity and folding quality

•  First and second length folds are executed by air knife

•  First cross fold by knife. Second and third cross folds by knifes and belt reverse conveyor.

•  Moveable delivery table for small items by-pass cross folding

•  Standard max. length on multi-lane is 1 200 mm

•  Automatic speed synchronisation from 7 to 50 m/min

•  Safety according to CE-regulations

•  Heavy duty steel construction: main frame with long lifespan due to rust protection by powder coating

•  Stacker can be positioned on right or left, to fit laundry you path

•  PLC-Control

   – 5,7” touch screen with relevant parameters programmable

   – Up to 100 custom made programs

   – Easy data back-up by means of compact flash

   – Easy to learn for operator, with all key functions explained by text on the screen


•  Multiple lanes execution for small pieces

•  Anti-static bar system for better folding synthetic fabric sheets

•  Mechanical by-pass on first and second lenght: folding for small pieces (quick pass-through)

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