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FCU 2080/320

: Unimac
SKU Code : FCU 2080/320

When only the highest quality finish will do, heated roll flatwork finishers from UniMac® deliver seriously superior results. We offer eight models to meet the needs of any size operation. Can be used for Items like bed linens, pillowcases, sheets and napkins that require a high-quality finish, High-end hotels and restaurants with unique linens and tablecloths for dining and many more.

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Features and Benefits:

•  Large surface contact with linen over an angle of 300°
•  Highly polished steel, thin cylinder
         – Reasonable price
         – Rapid response to temperature
         – Excellent thermal conductivity
•  Emergency button and main switch in one
•  Finger protection bar for even more safety
•  Durable M-Aramid ironing belts
•  Extra heavy press roller for high-quality ironing
•  Patented direct drive: maintenance-free-system
•  Patented central suction system with maintenance-free operation
•  Automatic cool down
•  Easy to operate microprocessor
•  Frequency controlled motor
•  Preset temperature indicator
•  Space-saving installation against the wall is possible: front return
•  Exhaust outlet back
•  Electric or gas heating
•  Metal fibre premix burner (for Gas only)
•  Ergonomic design
•  Overheating check system (OCS) with 3 temperature sensors


•  Chrome-plated cylinder for better thermal conduction and ironing quality
•  Pedal of insert table stop system
•  Exhaust output on the right
•  Fixation set for mounting to the floor

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