Speed Queen Stacked Washer/ Dryer

Brand Name: Speed Queen
Country of Origin: USA
Voltage Specifications: 240V/50Hz/1ph
Control Options: Micro-Display 2

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Speed Queen’s® stack washer/dryers are designed to provide all the power of Speed Queen® washers and dryers while occupying only half the floor space of a conventional
washer and dryer. The freestanding softmount design can be installed on all floor types or levels.

Product Features

The Perfect Wash

The homestyle front load washer offers a hygienic rinse cycle, minimizing maintenance. Speed Queen dryers are uniquely quiet making them ideal for use in any densely populated areas. Additionally for convenience and to help with the efficient provision of a superior service, they feature an extended tumble that helps eliminate wrinkling by tumbling for two minutes at 20 minute intervals if the door isn’t opened.

Product Benefits

Commercial-grade stainless steel wash tub standard.
Increased 440 G-Force extraction speed reduces drying times.
20% increase in capacity with improved water usage for maximum efficiency.
Durable galvanized steel dryer cylinder.
Easy-to-clean and secure upfront lint filter.
Revolutionary balancing technology automatically redistributes even the most unbalanced loads for consistent cycle times, minimized vibration and reduced noise.

Control Options

Micro-Display 2

MDC2 dryer cool down time is a user programmable option, set to 10 minutes by default on international models to comply with IEC requirements.

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