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Le Protek NT Tumbler Dryer (13.6 Kgs.)

: LeProtek
SKU Code : NT030

Tumbler Dryer (13.6 Kgs.)

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Le Protek NT Tumbler Dryer (13.6 Kgs.)

  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading - Extra strong hinge and reversible door

  • Standard galvanized drum - Oval drum holes preventing damage from standard drywall screws

  • Unique drum supporting system (axial airflow models only)

  • - At the rear: bearing

  • - At the front: rollers with bearings

  • Large lint filter

  • - Easy removal of lint
  • - Efficient drying

  • - Self-cleaning filter

  • - Dual Digital Control (DDC): Set drying time, temperature and cool down.

  • Features include one touch cycle repeat, automatic extended tumble and large digital countdown display.

  • - Micro-Display Control (MDC): Clearly displays the vend price and keeps customers informed throughout the drying process with cycle status lights and a digital cycle countdown. Interfacing with a variety of aftermarket card reader systems and coin drops, MDC offers four cycle selections and basic audit features

  • - OPL Micro: Offers three modes of operation (time, auto and moisture dry) along with the flexibility of 20 programmable cycles and optional moisture sensing technology that prevents over drying, saving time and energy.

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