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ACL 80K X 2500 X 1 Roll

: Unimac
SKU Code : ACL80K-2500-1-Roll

ACL80K is a great solution with same foot print but higher ironing capacity and less energy consumption

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ACL 80K X 2500 X 1 Roll

Features and Benefits


One piece super flexible laser welding chests with 278, 3/4 wrap up the roll for optimal ironing contact

Self-adjusted chest applies pressure always equally over entire width and length of the roll that makes linen being ironed equal quality

Chest heated by circulated thermal oil moving in inside the chests. It makes the temperature even along full chest width. No trouble of overheated spots.

Self contained thermal oil heating and circulation system offers accurate temperature control, easy installation and start up

The unique ventilation of chest improves efficiency up to 25% capacity


Perforated steel roll with under springing and M-Aramid felt 800 gr/m padding

Suction through the roll to ventilate moisture

Fully enclosed planetary gearbox mounted directly onto the roll

Variable speed by frequency inverter drive

Ultra high ironing speed up to 36 m/min


Standard 7,5 touch screen with 50 programs

Speed regulation and modulating burner included

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