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Unimac Sheet Feeder

: Unimac
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Unimac Sheet Feeder

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Unimac Sheet Feeder

Features and Benefits

Single lane automatic one station feeder

For feeding linen of manual feeding in multiple lanes

One automatic horizontal clipping station in the center. Large linen being hold by two clamps, spread and laid on feeding belts.

Two operators can feed into the one clipping station and achieve a production of +-500 pcs/hr

Adjustable suction box to improve the quality of the trailing edge combined with a single-lane brusher system

The single-lane stop conveyor including stretching conveyor will improve the quality of the leading edge of the linen

Clamp feeding station can be moved to back position of feeding conveyor for easy manual feeding of small pieces

Suction under the feeding belts to ensure that the leading edge is held in position

Movable collecting bags to store small linen

Fixed stretching knife over the full width

Central dust collecting system

Light panels above the full width of the feeding belt to make the work of the operator more comfortable

Heavy duty steel construction: mainframe with long lifespan due to rust protection by powder coating

Safety according to CE-regulations


5,7 touch screen with relevant parameters programmable

Up to 100 custom-made programs

Easy data back-up by means of compact flash

Easy to learn for operator, with all key functions explained by text on the screen

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