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FCUF 3186/800

: Unimac
SKU Code : FCUF 3186/800

When only the highest quality finish will do, heated roll flatwork finishers from UniMac deliver seriously superior results. We offer eight models to meet the needs of any size operation. Can be used for Items like bed linens, pillowcases, sheets and napkins that require a high-quality finish, High-end hotels and restaurants with unique linens and tablecloths for dining and many more.

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FCUF 3186/800

Features and Benefits:

Large surface contact with linen

Finger protection and emergency button for more safety

Automatic cooldown

Easy to operate microprocessor

Overdimensioned fan for flexible installation

Indication of ironing speed and temperature

Reverse mode possible

Frequency controlled motor

Space saving installation against the wall is possible: front return

Electric, gas or steam heating

Overheating check system


Stop pedal

Optional modules

Module R (FCUR800) Frontal and rear output

Module F (FCUF800) module R with length folding

Optional modules can be retrofitted to existing FCU800 ironers

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